Tip 2: Think

Along with any other decision in your life, don’t rush to make a decision.

Stop. Think. Is that holiday what you want? Can you afford it? Do you think you will truly enjoy the holiday? Always ask these types of questions when deciding on a holiday destination. Then look at the food of that location. Do you think you will enjoy the tastes of that culture? After that, look at the activities available there: what activities, if any, would you like to do? Would you be able to afford those activities? Will you have time to do all of those activities. This tip is part of the research and planning stage of holiday making. Every decision in a holiday is an important decision, and should not be rushed.

To truly make a right decision when it comes to holiday making, you have to question everything.

Stay tuned for my next tip in the next post!

Tip 1: Do Your Research

Research is important in many different aspects of life, and this is no less true for holiday planning. That’s why this is my first tip.

For budget travel, it would be ideal to start with a location that you know to be inexpensive. For example, my first holiday is to be Budapest. I’d heard from word of mouth that Budapest is a cheap place to holiday in. Hearing that, I did my research into the country and the costs associated with it. I looked into airfare and accommodation, as they were bigger expenditures. Having seen the prices, I went away to think about it. Make sure all your research is complete before booking a holiday. I then researched the food and drink, and their prices. Having seen these and the low prices, I made the decision to book the holiday. After that, I then looked into activities that can be done there and their prices, and just the thought of the experiences are swimming through my head, causing great excitement.

Researching is an asset in two ways: it vastly reduces costs, and it helps build your excitement ahead of your holiday.

Stay tuned for my next tip!

Embarking on a Journey of a Lifetime

Hi there!

I’m the Roaming Scotsman. I wouldn’t consider myself a travel expert, but from arranging even just one holiday for myself, I have gained valuable insight into the process.

There is a preconcieved notion around holidays, that you must save money for a long time in order to have one. However, my recent experience has proved contrary to that notion. Rather than talk about exact values, I would frame it a lot simpler. I am not in a high-paying job. Due to my low expenses, I would be able to go on a holiday with each monthly pay.

Stick with me in this blog and through my travels, and I will explain how you can do this too!